Shreshth Saini

Research Engineer (AI)

Arkray Inc.


I am a Research Engineer(AI) at Arkray, Inc. where I work on developing industry leading medical AI solutions. Notably, I have been working on challenging pathological datasets to develope highly reliable and light deep learning models which could be deployed on devices like Aution-Eye. My research interest is highly interdisciplinary covering machine learning, computer vision, medical image analysis, biomedical and healthcare informatics. I occasionally work on deep learning applications in biometrics-from where I started my research journey.

I completed my B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institue of Technology - Jodhpur in May, 2020. I was fortunate to work with Dr. Mengling ‘Mornin’ Feng in Healthcare informatics at Healthcare AI group at National University of Singapore(NUS). During my undergrad, I was actively working with Dr. Anil Kumar Tiwari, Dr. Rajendra Nagar, and Dr. Deepak Mishra in biomedical informatics, healtcare analytics and computer vision. I am eternally greatful to Dr. Aditya Nigam, who identified and steered my research interest early in my undergrad.


  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Medical Image Analysis
  • Biomedical and Healthcare Informatics
  • Biometrics


  • B.Tech(EE), 2020

    IIT Jodhpur

Recent Publications

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(M)SLAe-Net: Multi-Scale Multi-Level Attention embedded Network for Retinal Vessel Segmentation

Segmentation plays a crucial role in diagnosis. Studying the retinal vasculatures from fundus images help identify early signs of many …

B-SegNet: branched-SegMentor network for skin lesion segmentation

Melanoma is the most common form of cancer in the world. Early diagnosis of the disease and an accurate estimation of its size and …

M2SLAe-Net: Multi-Scale Multi-Level Attention embedded Network for Retinal Vessel Segmentation(Abstract Presentation)

Segmentation plays a crucial role in diagnosis. Studying the retinal vasculatures from fundus images help identify early signs of many …



Research Engineer(AI)

Arkray, Inc.

Aug 2020 – Present Pune, India

Research Assistant

Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, NUS-Singapore

May 2019 – Jul 2019 Singapore

Undergraduate Researcher

Image Processing and Computer Vision Lab, IIT Jodhpur

Aug 2018 – Aug 2020 Jodhpur, India

Research Intern

The Multimedia Analytics, Networks and Systems Lab, IIT Mandi

May 2018 – Jul 2020 Mandi, India
Supervisor: Dr. Aditya Nigam


Academic and Research

  • Oral presentation at IEEE-ICHI, 2021
  • Oral and Poster presentation at ACM-CHIL, 2021
  • Poster presentation at IEEE-ISBI, 2021
  • Multipath Super Resolution Network with Novel loss, EE Department, IIT Jodhpur, 2020
  • Oral and Poster presentation at NCVPRIPG, 2019
  • Skin Lesion Analysis, NUS-MIT Datathon, NUS-Singapore, 2019
  • Cardiac Image Segmentation(3D Data), IIT Jodhpur, 2019
  • Deep Learning for Medical Image Analysis, LAMBDA-Group, IIT Jopdhpur, 2019
  • Convolutional Neural Networks, Workshop on Applied Deep Learning, IIT Mandi, 2018

Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular

  • Startup ecosystems in Tier-2 cities, Idea Saprk - Entrepreneurship Club, IIT Jodhpur, 2018
  • Entrepreneurial Initiatives, panel discussion, IIT Jodhpur, 2019
  • Atronomical Image Processing, Astronomy Club, IIT Jodhpur, 2017

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Recent Posts

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